Geraud's Catering

Assorted Pastry & muffin platter $39.50

Granola & Yogurt  $48.50

French Breakfast Crepes filled w/ fruit & pastry cream.

Comes with a side of creme Anglaise & chocolate sauce $72

Plain Pancakes w/syrup $49.50

6 x Breakfast wraps $48.50

w/ egg & cheese and a choice of either :

ham, sausage, bacon, turkey or tomatoes

(for egg white or 2nd meat add $2 per wrap)

Assorted FRITTATAS w/potatoes (14 in)

Veggie- onions, potatoes, peppers, herbs & colby jack $45.50

Meat- Bacon, sausage, potatoes, onions & cheddar  $48.50

Seafood- shrimp, mahi mahi, crab , potatoes, peppers, mozzarella  $65.50

Mushroom- onions, mushrooms, potatoes, thyme & swiss $46.50

All in-onions, peppers, potatoes, mushrooms, bacon, sausage & cheese $58.50

Assorted Breakfast Sandwich Platter for 6 persons starting at $42 

 Bagels, English muffins, Wraps, Baguettes

ASK ABOUT OUR CHOICES: price will depend on selection

 Breakfast Casserole w/ bottom crust $49.50 (9x13 x 2.5)

1.Western w/ potatoes ( ham, onions, peppers, cheese & potatoes)

2.Sausage, mushroom, onion  & cheddar

3.Goat Cheese, tomato, onions & herbs

4.Bacon, tomato, onion & cream cheese 

5. Chicken, pico de gallo & colby jack cheese 

Thank you and enjoy your brekkie!

​Brekkie for the Gang

All the items below are priced for 6persons unless marked otherwise