Geraud's Catering

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Budget Friendly Canapes

 by Geraud's

 12 of same sort must be ordered- Thank you.


Potato & pea samosa w/ mint yogurt 1.85

Teriyaki Wings 1 ( 24 pieces min)

Assorted Mini quiches 1.75

​Cuban Slider- Please see Slider menu

Mini arancini w/marinara sauce 1.95

Chicken souvlaki w/tzatziki sauce 1.95

Beef , veggie or cheese pattie 1.95
Piggies in a blankie 1.75

​Chicken Tikka Samosa w/mint yogurt 2

Mini crab cakes w/curry lime aioli 2.25

Steak & chimichurri slider -Please see slider menu

Chicken Satay w/peanut sauce 1.95

Fish ceviche in tortilla cups 2.50
Salmon Cakes w/lemon siracha sauce 2.50 

Goat Cheese pizettes 2

Sweet & Sour chicken kabobs 2.50
Shrimp Spring Rolls 2.25

Veggie Spring rolls 1.85

Chicken Spring rolls 2

Meat Or Veggie Focaccia Squares 2.25

 12 of same sort must be ordered- Thank you.

Mini Sweets 1.95 each
Assorted eclairs 

Chocolate mint tarts

Tiramisu verrines
Coconut tarts 

Smores crepes

Banana Cream pies

Fruit tarts

Dulce de leche mousse cups 

Rocky Road Squares
Key Lime or Lemon Meringue tarts

Pina colada pies

  Praline tarts 


 Chocolate & salted caramel tarts

 Chocolate domes 

   Thank you and we look forward to catering for you!