Hello and welcome to Geraud's Catering. 
We are so happy to have you here visiting our website. Please feel free to ask any questions or send any orders via the form below.

Notice periods:

Your food journey begins when you place your order- no better way to guarantee freshness!

Catering orders for 1 - 12 persons require 1 day notice before noon (12pm). So if you need something say on a Wednesday, we would need to hear from you no later than Tuesday and before noon (12pm). 

Catering orders for 13-20 persons requires 2 day notice

( before noon). Same rule applies but with an extra day added.​

* We work within the AST time zone.

For larger groups, please inquire.

Mucho Importante: Please inform us of all and any known food allergies, intolerances or special dietary requirements necessary for you or anyone within your group. 

 Please fill in all the fields below and we will get back to you within a 1 hour period. Of course, this time may vary in times of power outages or loss of internet. 

If placing an order for an arrival, please include your date / ETA (estimated arrival time) & location.

Please double check your email address- if it is not correct, we cannot contact you. Thank you and we look forward to talking to you.  Oh and don't forget to hit the SUBMIT button 😊

Geraud's Catering