Geraud's Catering

  The Slider Club

By Geraud’s

The slider club is a selective selection of culinary delights on mini brioche rolls. They pack a flavorful one-two!

Minimun order 12 ( same sort) 

Thank you!

Veggie – Black Bean Burger w/ Corn, Red Onion, Cilantro & Guacamole, LT 1.95

Breaded Buffalo Chicken Pattie  w/Ranch Dressing , L&T 2

Mahi Mahi w/ Lettuce , Cherry Tomatoes & Tartar Sauce 2,15

Pork- Roasted Pork w/ Apple & Mustard Compote 1.95

Tuna- Tuna steak , Cucumber & Wasabi  2.50

Curried Sweet Potato Burger w/Marinated Cucumber 1.95

 Cuban- Roast Pork, Ham, Pickles ,Swiss & Mustard 1.95

Crab- Crab Salad w/ Onion, Peppers and Curry Lime Aioli 2.50

Steak- Steak & Chimichurri 2,25

 *min order: 12 of same sort *

Thank you and welcome to the Club!