Geraud's Catering

Table For 2

By Geraud’s

Menu A- 4 course meal for 2 Seafood lovers $114.50

2 seafood chowders (fish, crab, scallops ,shrimps, potatoes, carrots, leeks)

1 snapper crudo w/plantain chips and orange sweet chili vinaigrette

1 crab cake w/Asian flavored inspired slaw

2 Loaded Sesame Shrimp Stir Fry w/bok choy, mushrooms and bell peppers

Dessert Of choice ( please see below for choices)

Menu B- 4 course meal for 2 Meat Lovers $108.50

2 orders of  Mushroom & thyme soup

1 order of Korean beef springrolls w/ kimchi style salad

1  order of Duck confit fried ravioli w/greens & port dressing

2 orders of Pork tenderloins w/calvados sauce, spaetzle, mushrooms & apples

Dessert Of choice( please see below for choices)

Menu C- 4 course meal For 2 Veggie Lovers $96.50

2 orders of vichysoisse soup

1 order of sweet potato croquettes w/salad & ginger-orange vinaigrette

1 order of mushroom risotto cakes w/greens & shallot dressing

2 orders of veggie ravioli (red pepper, olives & artichokes) 

w/ a lemon spinach cream

Dessert of choice( please see below for choices)

Choose 1 of the 5 Desserts Bowls ( serves 2)

1.Brownie Bowl- brownie chunks, strawberries, whipped cream

and chocolate sauce

2.Lime Cheesecake bowl with passion fruit coulis

3.Tiramisu Bowl

4.Mixed Berry Triffle Bowl

5.Bourbon Street Bowl- Vanilla sponge, caramelized pecans,

vanilla custard & caramel rum sauce

 Thank you and we look forward to cooking for you !