Geraud's Catering


We have put together 2 different special arrival menus for you so that you can fill your tum tums and start your vacation on a delicious note. These are only suggestions and if these choices below are not your cup of tea- no worries, we have other menus. You'll find something.

 Minimum Order: Any 2 choices- can be from the same or different menu


 Just Feed Me So I can Get To The Beach Already 

Please choose from our 4 choices below @ $24.50 each

1. Chicken Panini w/ fries & salad combo

+ Dessert: Chocolate Brownie Bowl

2. Fish & Chips wrap w/ fries & salad combo

+ Dessert: Mixed Berry Trifle

3. Teriyaki Tuna Tartare w/crispy wontons & salad

Dessert: Lemon Meringue Tart

4. 12 Korean Style Wings w/fries & salad

+Dessert: Chocolate & Peanut B Tart


Travelling Makes you Hangry

Please choose from our 4 choices below @ $38.50 each

1.Caesar Salad, Garlic Bread, 6 Arancini 
( canape size)

Meat OR Veggie Lasagna Dessert: Tiramisu Bowl

2.  4 Samosas, 4 Spring rolls (canape size) , Orange Sesame chicken + Dessert: Salted Chocolate & Caramel tart

3. 14 Hot wings w/ Ranch Dressing, 12 inch Pepperoni & cheese Pizza + Dessert: Rocky Road Brownie Bowl

 4. Tom Yum (veggie), 4 Shrimp Spring Rolls (canape size), Teriyaki Tuna Burger w/ plantain chips + Dessert: Smores Crepe

Please reserve your meals in advance of your arrival 

and at that time we can finalize delivery time and discuss any special details.   

Thank you and talk soon!