Geraud's Catering

The Dessert Corner

by Geraud’s

9 inch deep dish pies

with crust or crumble topping ( you choose)

Apple Pie $32.50 

Blueberry Pie $26.50 

Mixed Berry Pie $26.50 

Strawberry and Mango pie $30.50

Other Pies, Tarts and Sweet Things 

Prices are for 4-6 persons

 Key Lime Pie $24.50

Strawberry Pavlova $42.50 

Coconut Cream Pie $24.50

Chocolate mint pie $26.50

  Lemon Meringue Pie $24.50

Nutella Pie $29.50

Mixed Berry triple layer shortcake $38.50

Banana Cream Pie $26.50

 Chocolate & salted caramel tart $28.50

Fruit & Vanilla Custard Tart $30.50

Tiramisu $ 32.50

 Rocky Road Brownies $28.50

 Cheesecake mousse pie-$29.50 

Toppings: blueberry, cherry, oreo 

Thank you and we look forward to sweetening you up!