Geraud's Catering

 The Family Corner for 4+

by Geraud’s

Curried Sweet Potato burger w/mint yogurt & marinated cucumber, LT, w/kale-quinoa salad $72

Chicken Parmigiana w/spaghetti, Caesar & garlic bread

for 4 persons $80

Chicken roti w/ green salad or caesar salad

for 4 persons $62

Meat Or Veggie Lasagna w/Caesar & garlic bread

for 4 persons $72

Chicken Teriyaki w/rice & crispy wontons 

for 4 persons $68

Veggie Chili w/ cheddar corn cake, tortilla chips & green salad $68

Beef Shepherd's Pie w/green salad 

for 4 persons $ 68

​Salmon Cakes w/marinated kale -quinoa salad
for 4 persons $72

Spaghetti Bolognese w/Caesar & garlic bread

for 4 persons $68

Chicken Medi Platter- Greek style chicken, tzatziki, hummus, pitas, potatoes & Medi salad

for 4 persons $80.50

Falafel Plate w/tzatiki, hummus, potatoes,

Medi salad & pitas for 4 persons $72

Sweet & Sour Pork tenderloin w/veggies 

on rice w/crispy wontons

for 4 persons $80

Signapore Shrimp stir fry w/veggies & noodles

for 4 persons $72

**If you need extra portions, just let us know.

Thank you and we look forward to catering for you and the fam! 😊