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Monthly bread and pastry pop up fairs- check out the menu on the menu page and keep your eyes peeled for the scheduled dates which will be announced right here!

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We even have an LRP on the cake menu- YES!

Because who only orders 1 cake a year? Am I right ?!

When ready to order or just to talk turkey , you can send your message through the " contact" page OR send us a plain email  OR let's talk through a private DM on Instagram - geraudsfoodiesclubaxa

Geraud's Catering

 LRP- Loyalty Rewards Programs- All menus have an LRP written on the bottom of them. This means: after purchasing a certain amount of items or spending a certain amount- you will receive free yummies - yay ! Of course there are no expectations for these amounts to be reached within 1 purchase- you have 18 mths to do so from your inital purchase date. No worries- We will keep track on a personal file with you.

Copyright © : All items on this website were made by Geraud's Catering and also all photos were taken by Geraud's Catering. Please ask before using any photos. Much Appreciated.

For the whole month of October and November- When ordering from the Arrival menu for 4 or more , get an assorted pastry box delivered the very next morning- FREE!


Loyalty Rewards Program

 For Faster and easier ordering: All menu items are numbered.  Just indicate the menu name and then the number- see example below:


Entertaining Made Easy Breezy;

12 x #4, 12 x #8, 24 x #2