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​​Geraud's Catering

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​For ordering from the Entertaining Made Easy Breezy menu- Each sort is a minimum of 12 to order and then you can add singles on if you wish - for example- you can order 16 miniature quiches or 27 shrimp pancakes or 14 lemon meringue but 12 is the minimum to start. 

This same guideline applies for the " The Slider Club" menu. 

When ready to order or just talk turkey , you can send your message through the " contact " page OR send us a  direct email @ OR let's talk through a private DM on Instagram - IG geraudsfoodiesclubaxa

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​​For reasons unknown, when searching for "Geraud's Catering", unfortunately, some internet search engines are displaying incorrect business info that could prove to be confusing.

Here are some accurate details:

  • ​Offering catering 7 days a week
  • We're an online catering service that delivers
  • Deliveries can start as early as 5 am- we do not really follow standard hours of operation. As long as there are no preexisting deliveries, we deliver at the time you request.

​If you have any questions or would like to verify any information that you may have read on the internet pertaining to basic operational info, please send us a line for clarification. Thanks!

 For Faster and easier orderingMost menu items are numbered.  Just indicate the menu name and then the number- see example below:


12 Inch Pizza Box:

1 x #1

2 X #7

No need to type the dish name- that's what the number is for :)