Closed for the season- reopening October. New menus/items are right around the corner and, as always, budget friendly prices. See ya soon!

There is nobody I have met who doesn't love cake. We have put together a menu with the most popular choices but please let us know if you have a special cake in mind.

I've said it before " Pizza is one of the best food creations- EVER !" And I stand by that.

We have a wonderful selection with a pizza choice for everyone.

For a fast & delicious meal option- this is you!


I have really come to appreciate soft shelled tacos- a fantastic little food invention holding some of the most delicious combos.

 Returning home or 

coming for a visit? Either way, nothing warrants a delicious homemade meal more than a day of travel.

 Everyone's got a top 10- here's ours. Dare you to try them all.

Dessert can be first , last of half way through- you're the boss! 

 Need dinner for 2? We have created 6 different special meal plans with some really delicious combinations.

Entertaining Made Easy- whether you are 2 or a 200, delicious bites both savory & sweet are just a click away! 

Flatbreads are all the rage- We have a great selection and they are HUGE!

Have a a look at our newest creations.

Baby burgers are so delicious- do you think the size makes them even more incredible? Me too. Browse through our choices to find your favorite little burger.

Brekkie is the first and most important meal, right ? There are some great choices for you and the gang-  Please remember egg white substitutions are always available as

are veggie options.

Dates will be posted on "HOME" page under "NEWS" Keep an eye out. 

There are many menus so please make sure to scroll all the way down so you can find your perfect item(s). Prices are complete. Besides a delivery charge , there are no additional charges. 

With a wide variety of choices, we hope that you can find something that suits you or your group. Please never be shy to ask about adjustments . We are here to feed you the way you want to be fed.

Most menu items will have numbers for a faster ordering process.

​Please click on the menu title to link directly to the menu.

*Important note- Please mention any food intolerances, allergies, or special dietary needs when ordering for you or your group.

Vegans- we appreciate you!

Here is a menu with some choices that we thought you may enjoy. Of course, if you have a favorite vegan dish- let us know about it and we'll see what we can do.

Geraud's Catering

Stocking up is necessary. Life is crazy busy and expensive so one must be prepared. We have compiled some the fan favorites here to allow you to lessen the burden and budget.

There's nothing like a good pasta dish to make things right  Please see our fresh pasta options as well as the dried pasta selection and put together your favorite pasta combo today!

This menu speaks for itself with some of the different and delicious ways to prepare chicken.